Residents and Hanner employees decorated the living environment

Every year Hanner invites residents to improve the quality of living environment and Spring of 2015 was not an exception.

In May 13th, residents of “Bajoru kalvos” joined forces together with Hanner employees and planted more than 20 kinds of different plants, such as jasmine, decorative apple, willow, azalea, lilac and many others.

In May 15th, residents “Zveryno namai” also participated in such kind of event. Even though the weather was not the most pleasurable, cheering residents and Hanner employees enjoyed every moment of a get-together. An impressive bonsai tree has garnered the most attention and found a place in the center of the inner yard.

In addition, every single plant received a name card with the names of people who contributed to the planting.

The get-togethers ended in a high fashion of fun conversations and tastings of delicious foods and beverages.


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