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Žvėryno Namai

Address: Stumbrų g. 26
City: Vilnius
Country: Lithuania

„Žvėryno Namai“ is one of the greenest city places, located between river Neris and Vingis Park, therefore a great deal of time was dedicated to nature conservation and choice of environmentally friendly building materials. In order for settlement to integrate into Žvėrynas district landscape, we chose the house form that symbolizes bend of river Neris.

“Žvėryno Namai“ is located in the heart of new Vilnius city center, tenants will be able to enjoy excellent transport links and well developed bike paths. One of the biggest Vilnius shopping center “Panorama”, restaurants, kindergartens and schools are within walking distance from the building.

We have taken into account the needs of tenants when planning “Žvėryno Namai“ and tried to implement all the best features from our previous projects. Hanner understands that home is not only cosy and warm place to be, but also fresh air and green areas for pleasant conversations with neighbors. So after a day of hustle and bustle, you can relax in cozy inner gardens, courtyards with planted flowers, benches, walking paths and children’s play area.