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Terraces for events

Address: Rinktinės st. 5, Vilnius
City: Vilnius
Country: Lithuania
+370 626 34314
  • Project market value, EUR
    25 mln. eur

 Terrace of Business Stadium West

Business Stadium west terrace – 146 sq. m. terrace located on the 8th floor of the Business Stadium West open-air business center with views of Gediminas Castle. You can organize memorable business or personal events for up to 50 people. Dance evenings, yoga classes or even weddings can take place on the enclosed, modern private terrace with stunning views.

Business Stadium West lobby

Business Stadium West – universal 405 sq.m. a space for events in the city center that can accommodate up to 200 people. The lobby of the business center is a modern, stylishly furnished space where you can comfortably organize brainstorms, conferences, business meetings and exhibitions.

Europe Business Center terrace

Europe Business Center terrace is located on 32nd floor of the highest business center in the Baltic States. Terrace will give you both shivers and spectacular views of Vilnius Old Town and will create special feeling of exclusivity. Open-air terrace is suitable for up to 100 people. It is possible to organize conferences, presentations or even after parties. This space is loved by stylish, trendy dancers or yoga professionals.



Žana Juškienė
Žana Juškienė
+370 626 34314