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Gudelių Šilas

Address: Mironaitės g. 12
City: Vilnius
Country: Lithuania
  • Project market value, EUR
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  • Number of houses
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„Gudelių Šilas“ is cozy, small six floor houses residential real estate development surrounded by pine forest and located in the neighborhood of private houses in Lazdynai, Vilnius.

From other projects “Gudelių Šilas“ stand-out by having great flats with spacious terraces or balconies and attractive inner courtyard, where resident car traffic is prohibited. Yard is also equipped with kid playgrounds, pad lined walking paths, benches, pool and fountain.

“Gudelių Šilas“ residents enjoy tranquil and unique environment surrounded by nature, but all the main objects (kindergartens, schools, shops) can be reached in less than 3 minutes driving by car.