Save for down payment with rent-to-buy scheme

Hanner was the first company in Lithuania, which presented rent-to-buy scheme to Lithuanian market, which will help young people to afford residential apartments.

Using this scheme simply choose residential flat in “Ozo Namai”, “Bajorų Kalvos“ or „Žvėryno Namai“ start living there and postpone purchase for up to two years. During two year period person will be paying rent, which in case of apartment purchase will be counted as down payment. The price for apartment will be exactly the same, whether you buy it using rent-to-buy scheme or traditional purchase.

According to Arvydas Avulis, Hanner Chairman of the management board, rent-to-buy scheme will be relevant for people who have recently started a career and are receiving stable income.

When purchasing rent-to-buy flat person will be able to choose both desired fit-out level – Economic, Intermediate, and Premium and individual elements – bedroom, kitchen furniture, lightning solutions, etc.

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