Social corporate responsibility

Hanner economic activities are guided by ethical and fair business principles by forming socially responsible business strategy.

We understand how significantly directly through relationships with employees, customers and suppliers, and indirectly through the development of urban and architectural space we influence environment, society and people’s quality of life. Therefore, Hanner, as current and prospective employer, service or product supplier seeks to be socially responsible, conserve people and natural resources when making all business decisions.

We encourage implementation of advanced technologies and introduce sustainable solutions to ensure rational use of resources. Each new employee in our company receives special treatment in order to create conditions for professional and competence development. We are engaged in education of society about sustainability issues, promote cooperation between governmental institutions and businesses and actively work together with academic community. We do not tolerate corruption, guide our economic decisions by good business principles and responsibly approach all relationships with our partners.

Hanner proves its responsible policies by taking actions:

  • We were first to build A energy efficiency residential building in Lithuania (2013)
  • Hanner initiated development of Lithuanian Green Building Council, which is engaged in public education of sustainable buildings and environmental issues (2013)
  • Hanner built the first residential building with solar power plant on its roof
  • Since 2004 we are active members of Lithuanian real estate development association

We understand that successful companies must take social responsibility and share with others, so for many years we are helping Mstislav Rostropovich Charity Foundation “Support Lithuanian Children”, Kaišiadorių special school and other orphanages in Lithuania. Our financial support to Vilnius Opera and Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre enables artists to liberate their imagination and allows Lithuanian spectators enjoy world class performances. By cooperating with ISM University and supporting VŠĮ „ISM Fund“ „100 talent program“, we are investing in young individuals who will create the future of Lithuania.

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